Jul 28, 2011

Gynecomastia, Male Breasts, Not Life-Threatening, But Can Be Psychologically Damaging - ABC News

Tepit Nefert [Supreme Peace] All:

A very interesting [& telling] article about issues of gender and the workings of male self-esteem . . . given how much some males are fixated about breasts one could wonder at such a one-sided view  . . .

Gynecomastia, Male Breasts, Not Life-Threatening, But Can Be Psychologically Damaging - ABC News

" . . . Male Breast Condition Stigmatizing

The procedure lasted about three hours, and ABC News' "Good Morning America" followed up with Holler for a few months after the surgery as he recovered.
Before having the procedure done, Holler was very embarrassed by his appearance, something common among men with gynecomastia.
"The psychosocial impact is significant," said Dr. Julius Few, founder of the Few Institute for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Chicago. "Often, patients are subjected to wearing multiple tee shirts or being afraid to go swimming, even in warm weather."
Holler didn't even want to play in his own pool with his kids without a shirt. But since the surgery, there's been a remarkable change -- he went on a beach vacation with his family and played in the water with no shirt on.
"That was something I never thought I'd see him do," Kathy Holler said.
Erik Holler also remembers painful taunts from his own family members.
"They'll say something somewhat demeaning in some ways like, 'Wow, pretty soon you're going to be borrowing your wife's bras.'"
Gynecomastia was even the subject of an episode of the TV show "Seinfeld" that featured two of the characters debating whether to call their male bra a "mansiere" or a "bro."
While seeing that show was difficult for Holler, one plastic surgeon who specializes in gynecomastia surgery said it was helpful for men who live with the condition.
"The 'Seinfeld' episode made men aware that this is a condition," said Dr. Rick Silverman of New England Plastic Surgical Associates in Brighton, Mass. He also credited the Internet.
"We are seeing more patients now than in the past," he said. "The Internet has done a lot to make men aware that this is a medical condition that can be treated."
Holler feels better now than he ever did, and he's sharing his story to get the message out to other men.
"I'm very proud of him, and I'm hoping that he helps other men who are out there, going through the same suffering and frustrations that I watched him go through every day," Kathy Holler said . . . "


Dec 28, 2010

Happy KaaSheBaa™ ~ Happy KaaSheBaa™ ~ Aster Aweke ~ This Our Spiritual Self-Renewal and ReBirth Day . . . Blessed Offerings of Musical Gratitude . . . In Memory Of . . .

Happy KaaSheBaa ~ Aster Aweke 
This Our Spiritual Self-Renewal and ReBirth Day . . .

A Blessed Musical Offering of Gratitude to You HeartMama Falami, 
Do Rest Peacefully . . .
& May Your Unseen Presence Continue to Smile Down 
Consent and Support Upon Us . . .
Your Children, Who Make Loving Offerings 
On This Anniversary of Your SolarHouse's Return . . .

[with the Crusaders]

Dec 26, 2010

Happy KaaSheBaa™, Kwanzaa, Solstice, New Years and all other holydays which we may be celebrating

Tepit Nefert [Supreme Peace] All:

May your Winter Holydays be Peaceful and 2011 be a Garden of Peace . . .

Happy KaaSheBaa™, Kwanzaa, Solstice, New Years and all other holydays which we may be celebrating during this Winter Season turning . . .

Bro Lonnie Liston-Smith - A Garden of Peace

Dec 14, 2010

Do You Know the True Size of Mama Afrika . . . ?

Tepit Nefert [Supreme Peace] All:

Passing on another VERY seldom known fact,
even among those of us who are not a part of the mainstream . . .

another popular sharing back in the late 60s in Detroit,  where I grew up,
was that what is called "north" was exactly the opposite and that our maps [of our Mamaland  particularly] should be depicted with the current "south pole" as the "north pole" . . . do feel free to pass it on . . .

SistahPeaceful ™ Gratitude  to:


Sep 25, 2010

Wishes for and Insightfull Full moon Ingoing Journey . . .

Sistahs . . . may this 2010 full moon Equinox 
bring you great SistahPeace™ & insight 
as you now embark on your inward journeying . . .

Moonlight Shining
by Lelly John

Moonlight shining on my pillow
As I lay asleep
Is your skin, new fallen snow
It rests upon my cheek

The shooting stars that are your eyes
Dance and glimmer just for me

The cool and quiet night is wise
With you, O night, I flee
In my world of ancient dreams
That have been dreamt before
My love for you, O mortal, seems

Another ancient door
People love for days and nights
And shall forever care

But you, my heart, eternally white
No other love compare.

Dec 19, 2009

Wishes for a WellBalanced KaaSheBaa (tm) & New Year

Beloveds. . .

Tepit Nefert & Peaceful Winter Solstice, Giving Thanks & KaaSheBaa (tm) & Kwanzaa Wellthoughts 2 All. . .!

Just a brief Wellthought to each of you as you too mindfully journey within now, to positively renew and reseed your Awakened & Maat Purposed personal and social intentions -- may they then spring forth, blossom and flourish as fruitful & Knowing Action in the new year . . .

Please join us on our growing Online SistahPeace SisCommunity . . . at http://sistahpeace.ning.com

Feb 10, 2009



The Peace Alliance advocates for a cabinet-level U.S. Department of Peace.


The Peace Alliance is a nonpartisan citizen action organization representing a growing constituency for peace. A 501(c)4 organization established in March 2004, our mission is to empower civic activism for a culture of peace.

Our vision is a future in which the practical programs and principles of peacebuilding are the bedrock of our personal, national and global interest and investment.

Our goal is to take the field of peacebuilding from the margins of the political and societal dialogue and bring it to its rightful place: Central to our policymaking, investment and understanding. We achieve this primarily through a massive public education, outreach and citizen lobbying effort.

Our current focus is the campaign for a cabinet-level U.S. Department of Peace.

Peace is not a utopian ideal; it is an issue critical to our national and human security. Either we continue reactively addressing ever-increasing levels of violence and the consequent human and economic costs, or we take a fresh approach. This isn’t about the politics of left or right; it is about what is practical and effective. 

We must create the possibility for applied peacebuilding to identify and resolve conflict before it erupts into violence.

The science of peacebuilding has significantly expanded over the past 30 years, creating previously unavailable tools for dismantling violence. Yet nowhere in the highest echelons of our government is there a platform from which to launch a focused, strategic approach to reducing and preventing violence.

We support a grassroots volunteer network that is active in all 50 states. A new kind of peace activist, Department of Peace campaign supporters work to establish connection and understanding with people from all segments of society and political affiliations, to practice the principles of peace, and to be a demonstration of what we are calling for.

We estimate approximately half of our base has a history of peace activism and half never before considered themselves “politically active.”

These passionate volunteers include Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Green Party members, former and current military and police, soccer moms, entrepreneurs, senior citizens, youth on high school and college campuses, traditional peace activists, and more. They enroll their elected leaders and the public at large by working with members of Congress, writing editorials, doing local media interviews, organizing local talks and trainings, getting city council endorsements, and meeting with police chiefs, fire chiefs, prison officials, directors of abuse shelters, school boards, and others to discuss how a Department of Peace will benefit their community.


Sep 26, 2008

A Peaceful WellCome Dearest SisSeekers. . .

  A Peaceful WellCome . . . Dearest SisSeekers. . .

to our InnerWebspace which has been formed and dedicated to respectful sharing of any and all sources that in any way might assist & encourage us to a mindful cultivation of Maat-Inspired SheConsciousness  (SistahPeace) (tm) as our own contribution to the current global peace vibration that all mindful folks know is seriously afoot. . . 

Enjoy. . . & be Well. . . 

Peacefully. . .